Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


1 - THE START (Place République). We cross the square, and we climb the 'Rue du Canigou'... At an intersection, we climb to the left, to the Place de l'Entente Cordiale.

2 - We pass behind the monument and we go to the right...We go to the left to follow the Chemin des Escoumeilles.

3 - We cross a footbridge. We go to the right and, after a few metres, to the left... At an intersection with a road, we go straight ahead.

4 - Bifurcation, next to a small car park. We go to the left...After a few minutes, we go to the left again, onto a track (yellow waymarks).

5 - Col de Juell. We go to the right, and immediately to the right again...We climb.

6 - Viewpoint, with Fillols below.

7 - Intersection. We go to the left.

8 - Two intersections. We go to the left and then to the right...Lower down, we meet a track, where we go to the right...We cross a ford.

9 - Fillols. We go to the left and we follow red-and-yellow waymarks (as far as Vernet). We cross the village...At the D27 road, we go to the right.

10 - We follow a path on the left...At a col, we go straight ahead... We meet the road again, where we go to the left.

11 - After a bridge, we go to the right.

12 - After the footbridge, we follow the outward route, into Vernet.