Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou

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Other walk descriptions by the same author (in English) can be found on wikiloc. At present, it is a fairly random collection of circuits in the mountains, hills and Mediterranean coastal zone of the Pyrénées-Orientales département of France (the département where Vernet-les-Bains and Canigou are located). Some walks from this website are also in that collection on wikiloc.

Links to versions in pdf format of those walks on wikiloc are listed below:   


  Mantet - Pic de la Dona (2702m)

  Planès valley and Cambre d'Ase (2750m)

  St-Pierre-dels-Forcats - Eyne - Cambre d'Aze (snowshoe walk)


  Amélie-les-Bains to Santa Engràcia chapel

  Amélie-les-Bains - Montbolo - Palalda

  Fontpedrouse - Sauto - St-Thomas-les-Bains

  On the Chemin Vauban, near Jujols, eastern Pyrenees, France

  Joncet - Serdinya - Flassa

  Prades - Ria - Llugols

  Marcevol - Arboussols

  Villerach - St Etienne chapel

  Joch - Puig des Feixes

  Finestret - Baillestavy - Pic Marbet


Coastal zone:

  Banyuls - Coll Gran Bau - Coast path

  Banyuls - N-D de la Salette - Coll de Llagastera

  Plage de Peyrefite - Cerbère - Coll Gran Bau