Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


The following documents are all in pdf format.
In each document, the translation in English is followed by the original "fiche rando" in French, which contains a sketch map of the route.

* The original descriptions (in French) are also on the tourist office website here : www.tourisme-canigou.com

Walks in the Cady valley from Vernet-les-Bains and Corneilla-de-Conflent

01 - A circuit in the Cady valley

02 - The "minerals circuit" (Corneilla - Villefranche)

03 - The Corneilla-Fillols circuit

04 - The Ambullas plateau

05 - High above the villages

06 - The Cogolló circuit via the Resistance monument

07 - The "Cascades" walk to the "English visitors' waterfall"

08 - The Pic de l'Alzina via the Winter Garden

09 - The “Belle Epoque” circuit

10 - The Pic de la Pena circuit

11 - The Tour de Goa circuit

12 - The Badabanys towers

13 - The figure-of-eight walk

Walks in the surrounding area of Conflent

Conflent map

01 - Arboussols: Col de Gués

02 - Casteil: the Cady Gorge

03 - Casteil: the St Martin du Canigó circuit

04 - Codalet: the St Michel de Cuxa circuit

05 - Escaro: the Valley of the Wolves circuit

06 - Evol: the "Camí Ramader"

07 - Evol: the Castle Panorama circuit

08 - Fontpédrouse (Prats Balaguer): the Cucurucull circuit

09 - Jujols: the heritage trail of the nature reserve

10 - Olette: above the village of Evol

11 - Olette: the Evol-Oreilla circuit

12 - Ria-Sirach: the circuit of the Majestic Pine Tree

13 - Sahorre: the Falguerosa circuit

14 - Taurinya: "Les Balcons" (the Monks and Miners circuit)

15 - Taurinya: the Val Panéra circuit

More walks in Conflent

Second Conflent map

01 - Arboussols (Marcevol): the wayside shrines circuit

02 - Baillestavy: towards Valmanya, via The GR36 and the Ronde du Canigó

03 - Cortalets (refuge): Pic du Canigó

04 - Estoher: Pic Marbet

05 - Finestret: Pic Marbet

06 - Mantet: Col Mantet to Pic de Tres Estelles

07 - Mantet: The Mantet Nature Reserve Heritage Trail

08 - Mosset: the Madres mountain walk

09 - Sahorre: the "valley of the apples"

10 - Thuès-entre-Valls: the Carança Gorge (as far as the stone bridge)

11 - Thuès-entre-Valls: the Carança Gorge (as far as the Carança refuge)

12 - Vinça: the "Baronnie" circuit

Added more recently (June-July 2019):

13 - Nohèdes: the "Estany del Clot" lake

14 - Nohèdes: the "Gorg Estelat" lake

15 - Casteil: Rander-Mariailles-Pic du Canigó

16 - Clara, Coll del Forn: the Sant-Esteve chapel cicuit

17 - Mosset: the "five senses" forest trail

18 - Villfranche-de-Conflent: "Bell Lloc"

19 - Villerach: parking de l'Esquena d'Ase - Cortalets - Pic du Canigó

Added most recently (August 2019):

- Fillols (Coll de Milleres): to the Cortalets refuge, via the "Balaig" forest track

- Fillols (Coll de Milleres): to the Cortalets refuge, via the Coll de les Voltes

- Valmanya (Els Masos): to the Cortalets refuge, via the Bois de Patriques and the GR36

- Valmanya (Els Masos): to the Cortalets refuge, via the Bois de Patriques and the GR10

- Valmanya (Els Masos): the Cortalets circuit, via the GR36 and the GR10 long-distance paths

- "Parking du Rander" (above Casteil): Pla Guillem

- Eus: the path to the Saint-Jacques de Calahons chapel