Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


1 - THE START ('Fulla d'Avall', Ste-Eulalie church). With the main road (D6) behind us, and the church on our right, we follow the lane ('Camí de la Colomina') which goes towards a hill... We pass a cemetery, on the right, and the lane turns to the right.

2 - Junction of the lane and a path. Where the lane turns to the left, we follow the path on the right... We climb into a forest... The path climbs steeply.

3 - Junction with a track - we finally reach the top of the hill, where we meet this wide jeep track, in open ground. We go to the right, along the track... The track climbs.

4 - Top of a hill, with a group of pylons on the left. (From the pylons: a view up the Têt valley.) We go to the right. The path is not very clear, but we stay on the crest of a ridge... After a short distance, just beyond the remains of a stone wall, we come to a wonderful viewpoint (5). On the right, we have a panorama towards the Rotja valley, the Canigou massif and the Tres Estelles massif... We return to point 4, then we descend to point 3... There, we go straight ahead, to point 6.

6 - Intersection of tracks. We go to the left... We follow a track which is on the level at first... Later, the track turns to the left and descends the hill, in a forest.

7 - Junction of the track and a lane. We go to the right, along the lane... The lane crosses open farmland... We pass a large barn, on the right.

8 - The lane turns sharply to the left, where there is a junction with another lane, on the right. We follow the lane on the right and we climb for a short distance... Then we descend...The lane turns to the left, and we cross a stream. The lane becomes a grass track... The track passes between houses.

9 - 'Fulla d'Amunt'; intersection with the main road. We go straight ahead, across the main road. We follow a lane which descends towards the Rotja river... The lane turns to the left (10) ('Ancien Chemin de Villefranche'), with a chapel on the right... The lane becomes a path (11)... We walk alongside a stream... The path becomes a lane again (12).

13 - Junction of lanes ('Fulla del Mig'). We go straight ahead and we continue to descend the valley.

14 - Junction of lanes ('Fulla d'Avall') (a short distance after the mairie). We go to the left... We cross the main road and we return to Ste-Eulalie church.