Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


Corneilla - Fillols (description) map


3 hours;  climb: 350m

A delightful stroll in the foothills of the Canigou massif, between the villages of Corneilla and Fillols.

1 - THE START (the church, Corneilla-de-Conflent). Behind the church, we follow a path which descends towards a stream.

2 - Footbridge. We cross the stream and we climb on a stony path... On a small terrace, we go to the left for a few metres.

3 - Small metal gate. We pass through the gate and we follow the path which climbs... During the climb, we pass, on the left, two stone cabins.

4 - Bifurcation ('Roc Ample'). We go to the right and we continue to climb.

5 - Col ('la Collade'), and junction of paths and tracks. We go to the right, towards a forest and a firebreak on a steep slope... Bifurcation (after a hundred metres). We go to the left (we do not climb the firebreak straight ahead)... We climb on a path in the forest.

6 - Junction. We go to the left. We climb a small hill... On the summit (825m), an exceptional viewpoint... We descend to the junction (6), where we go straight ahead.

7 - Junction with the firebreak, on a ridge. We go to the left... We follow the firebreak, on the ridge, for two kilometres. We climb, we descend... On the final descent, we pass a pylon (on the right).

8 - Junction (the firebreak and a lane). We go to the right. Just before a ruined chapel, we go to the right, on a lane which descends to Fillols... We pass a cemetery (on the left) and we enter the village… In the centre of the village, we pass a church, on the right. We descend on the lane on the right ('Carrer de la Brane').

9 - Junction of lanes. We go to the right... We are on the old lane which descends to Corneilla... At a bifurcation, we go straight ahead.

10 - Second bifurcation ('Mass d'Avall'). We go straight ahead... We stay on the old road to Corneilla for two kilometres.

11 - Junction with the road between Fillols and Corneilla (D47). We go straight ahead and we re-enter Corneilla, our starting point.