Walks near Vernet-les-Bains and to Canigou


Cady gorge and waterfalls (description) map


4 hours;  climb: 350m

A delightful half-day, out-and-back walk up the deep, winding gorge of the River Cady, starting at Casteil. Trees in the valley offer shade on hot summer days and beautiful colours in the autumn. But the walk is not recommended during or shortly after heavy rain. (Note that, for safety reasons, the route may be officially closed in winter months, and possibly at other times. If so, a notice will probably be posted at the entrance to the gorge (point 3)).

1 - The START (bus stop and car park at the entrance to Casteil). We follow the road to the right... Bifurcation (village centre on the left): we go straight ahead, on the same road... Bifurcation (animal park straight ahead): we follow the main road, which bends to the left.

2 - Bifurcation. We go to the right (sign for 'Massif du Canigou').

3 - Bifurcation, road and path (car park on the right). We follow the path, to the left... We pass a building (for water treatment). We enter the Cady gorge.

4 - Bifurcation of footpaths. We go straight ahead. The River Cady is on our right.

5 - First footbridge. We cross the bridge. We follow the footpath with the river on our left.

6 - Second footbridge. We cross the bridge. We follow the footpath, for a short distance, with the river on our right.

7 - Third footbridge. We cross the bridge. (If you have young children with you, you should not go beyond this point. In some places the path is steep or slippery or exposed.) We follow the footpath with the river on our left... We climb a slope, and then we cross a boulder field... Then we descend.

8 - Fourth footbridge. We cross the bridge. We climb a slope... The river is below on the right... We cross short metal walkways on the side of the gorge.

9 - The Cady waterfalls. There is a viewpoint, with a security fence, which faces the waterfalls. There is also a Passage interdit ('No entry') sign which indicates the end of the path.

We return by the same route.